If you’re old, you’re time is over.

If you’re young, you’re inexperience.

If you love traveling, you waste too much money.

If you don’t travel, you’re not that rich.

If you’re gay, you’re hypersexual.

If you’re straight, you’re homophobic.

If you’re pro Trump, you’re racist.

If you’re anti Trump, you’re just a follower.

If don’t like changes, you’re closed minded.

If you like changes, you’re inconsistent.

If you spend too many times on social media, you’re noisy.

If you don’t do social media, you’re irrelevant.

If you think you’re pretty, you’re cocky.

If you think you’re ugly, you’re pathetic.

If you date beautiful people, you’re shallow.

If you date ugly people, you’re stupid.

If you’re single, nobody likes you.

If you’re in relationship, you’re boring to your friends.

If you like this post, you’re judgmental.

If you hate this post, you’re double standard.


Human of 2017 will always put labels all around your face. But as always, ripping the labels off is just so easy that you don’t even need to overthink.



Believing Yourself (?)

Do you believe in yourself?

That question pops out pretty often everytime. People are unique. We can be smart and dumb at the same time. Love turns to hatred in just a second. Confidence and insecurity have no clear barrier. And the strongest person can be the weakest inside of them all. We’re all confused. And when a person asks another person, they will say non other thing than:

Just believe in yourself!

Many stories are told about human strength, magical realities or cliche fictions. Some of you may post motivational quotes everyday on your instagram account to just show people of how thankful should we be as a human. Some print and put them on their cubical office wall just to remind themselves of not forgetting to do things the quote writer said.

Do you think you know yourself?

That’s another question. When you feel a little headache on the right part of your head, are you sure that’s just a usual migrain that you’ve had since 2011 instead of brain cancer? When you feel like you want to kill the person who’s dating your crush, are you sure that’s just a normal jealousy instead of you actually having a psychopath behaviour that might bring the actual harm in the future?



Haven’t they written many stories about us? Religiously, culturally, scientifically. Do they make us feel better, or become more anxious instead? Do you get an inspiration from how a real love does exist from ‘The Notebook’ story and happily looking for your own at this moment, or are you actually sitting in the most expensive restaurant, having the most expensive food, wearing the most expensive clothes, reading this with the most expansive device and feel betrayed of how mean people made that story and promised us about the thing that you think is the biggest conspiracy of human civilization history, that thing called love? Do you feel really thankful after watching ‘The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants’ and realize you have amazing friends just like they showed or Do you feel afraid that they might not be your besties anymore in a few year, just like those people you called best friends back in high school?

You don’t know yourself.

If that’s actually what you’re thinking, how irrelevant do you think that question is? How can you be sure you’re smart enough to finish your university thesis on time, but still work on it all night anyway? How can you be convinced that you’re gonna be rich and be able to afford a Birkin bag or a pair of Louboutin shoes you’ve been dreaming since the 10th grade from those fashion magazine? How can you even still ask for people’s opinion when you yourself don’t even know what to do, to your own goddamn life, but never even take the advises and do what you think is right yourself but still never be satisfied with the result?

You know yourself.

You think you’re one step ahead and being really confident. But how can you explain of what you’re actually doing for your life now? You’re fun but you hate that you’re not pretty. You’re rich but you don’t think you don’t have friends. You’re smart but you’re sad of having a partner that’s not smarter than you. You’re pretty and rich but you heard that people say you’re dumb. You’re smart and rich but you’re not OK of having no social life. You’re rich, smart, pretty, fun and the perfections are lining up but you’re never satisfied with the colour of your hair dye and waste a lot of moment in your mind cursing of how imperfect your hair is.

But you said you know yourself. And you believe in yourself. But the more you know yourself, the more flaw you reveal you have yourself. So tell me who actually ourselves are.