Achievements, Awards, and Honours:


Speakers and Facilitators:

  • Speaker & Facilitator for Aku Belajar NGO training for Volunteer, Pontianak, Indonesia (2013)
  • Speaker in Indonesian Youth Conference 2012 (Forum) about Youth and Volunteering and experience as IYC 2010 ambassador, Jakarta, Indonesia (2012)
  • Guest Speaker in Ada Apa Berita talkshow-Jak TV with the theme “Youth as The Locomotive of National Development” representing Indonesian Youth Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia (2012)
  • Main Facilitator & Program Director of Garut Youth Festival, West Java, Indonesia (2012)
  • Honoured Guest & Speaker: Indonesia & Culture, Y’s Men Club, Charlottetown, Canada (2011)
  • Honoured Guest & Speaker: Canada World Youth, Rottary Club, Charlottetown, Canada (2011)
  • Speaker & Facilitator in various debating seminars & tournaments (2009-2013)

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