Little Feby was full of imagination. He played Barbies, listened to Spice Girls’ songs, watched Titanic, read newspapers & adult novels, But he would cry when he missed Sailor Moon & Dragon Ball cartoons on Sunday morning. He was always  the youngest student in his class because he insisted his parents to skip one year of kindergarten and went directly to elementary because he just wanted to be a big boy. He never studied that hard but always managed to be on the top 5 of his classes, and by never studied he means sewing a new skirt for his barbie by himself or drawing Scary Spice to be sticked on his bedroom’s wall was so much more of a priority than rereading the formulas of past tenses on English lesson the previous morning.

Younger Feby was competitive and little bit ambitious. He was involved in many organizations in school and outside of school. He fell in love with debating that gave him the opportunities to travel to some cool places in Indonesia. He fell in love with his Country and tried to make some effort being a changemaker and joined some volunteering activities. He fell in love with social issues; cultures, education, environment, health, gender roles, etc.

Current Feby has handful of intercultural experience inside his bag. He is professionally experienced in 3 regions including North America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia – Living his dream in various sectors he always enjoys doing including marketing communications, public relations, community development, and definitely aim to have more.

Older Feby will complete his lifetime obsessions before he’ll get his first gray hair starting with his first mission: Graduating from a master degree in Europe. He will manage to do these three purposes of his life: 1. Travel to as many places and write until he’ll have his own book get published as his hobbies; 2. Being an entrepreneur and establish his own Coffee Shop & Fashion Line as the way he’ll earn money to support his life; and 3. Establishing his own NGO with a lot of networking that will focus on social issues as his responsibility to be more useful as a human. A boy with a big passion.

Past, Present, and Future Feby will have always been a confident, strong willing, dedicated, care, and loving person. He will always be that person you’ll always fall in love with


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