Diva – As We Would Call Ourselves


Meet me and my girl friends. We all know each other because we are the alumni of Canada – Indonesia Youth Exchange Program by Canada World Youth and Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sport. But knowing each other wasn’t just enough reason to have this friendship shoot.


We love pretty things, as well as we love to always look pretty. Judge no more because we don’t think we’re that shallow. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And from what we have experienced and valued, beauty is diversity. First thing first, look at where we all came from; all over Indonesia, 8 provinces, from Sumatera to Sulawesi. We also came from different batch of the program, from 2010 to 2013. We came from different backgrounds and cultures that we took advantages of as we like to learn from each other – from fashion to culinary, from career to love life. Some of us love our boney figure as much as some love our curves. We all love acting silly as much as we love taking beautiful selfies.


We aren’t good friends because we think we’re perfectly pretty. We’re all here because we realize that we aren’t perfect but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be pretty. We just want to portray this group of friends who are passionate, supportive, open minded, strong-willing, intelligent, real, yet chic and fashionable at the same time. Love us or hate us, because we do love your attention.














All photos were taken by Aditya Widihardhanu (@adityawd) and edited by Feby Dayono (@febylous__)



If you’re old, you’re time is over.

If you’re young, you’re inexperience.

If you love traveling, you waste too much money.

If you don’t travel, you’re not that rich.

If you’re gay, you’re hypersexual.

If you’re straight, you’re homophobic.

If you’re pro Trump, you’re racist.

If you’re anti Trump, you’re just a follower.

If don’t like changes, you’re closed minded.

If you like changes, you’re inconsistent.

If you spend too many times on social media, you’re noisy.

If you don’t do social media, you’re irrelevant.

If you think you’re pretty, you’re cocky.

If you think you’re ugly, you’re pathetic.

If you date beautiful people, you’re shallow.

If you date ugly people, you’re stupid.

If you’re single, nobody likes you.

If you’re in relationship, you’re boring to your friends.

If you like this post, you’re judgmental.

If you hate this post, you’re double standard.


Human of 2017 will always put labels all around your face. But as always, ripping the labels off is just so easy that you don’t even need to overthink.