March Meals

Still have no quality time to post something important. All i can do is spoiling your eyes with my March Meals. Enjoy!

Chocolate Fondue & Crepes, Maya La Chocolaterie

French Salad, Le Chocolat

Donuts Date, Dunkin Donuts

Tempura Chige Ramen, Tokyo Belly

Matcha Slushy Chocolate, Matchamu

Green Tea Gelato, Malioboro

Tofu with Peanut Sauce & Traditional Coffee, Indische Koffie Vredeburg

Traditional Sundanese Food, Bandung

Tiramisu Cronut, J Co Donuts & Coffee

Kwe Tiau Penang, Lemongrass Modern Kopitiam

Laksa Singapore, Lemongrass Modern Kopitiam

Tekwan, Pempek Ma’Moer

Pempek Kapal Selam, Pempek Ma’Moer


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