Come What May

The last time I dedicated my time to write something on this blog, I was in a completely different place where I am for the past 3 months. As they said, life surprises you in a lot of interesting ways. Sometimes it greets you with a box full of chocolates, but on the other sides the chocolate can be sugary and fattening. As for myself, it’s always mixed and double standard; I love chocolate but I don’t want to be fat.

Many things clearly happened since that time. After one and half years living and working in the Middle East, I went back to Indonesia last March. I happily reunited with old pals and traveled to multiple cities to indulge my thirst of Indonesian environment, beautiful culture, and exceptional food. I went back home to Pontianak, the hometown where I always belong with my family and old friends, with whom my social life was started.

I finished the unfinished things, which one of them might be the reason why I left far far away. I resolved conflict that I when I saw again after several time should not be necessary on the very first place. I am starting a new chapter of my life in Jakarta, re-making and re-planning everything that I always want to achieve.

Few exciting things will also happen in this blog. One of them is a new Program called Boys Brunch, where I will have brunch with different boys every month and interview them about their interesting backgrounds so they can share them to you guys. Boys Brunch will be published every 1st day of the month, starting June, with amazing “Brunch Star” from many different specialties. Excited to see what’s more? Bookmark this blog and visit often. My chocolates are delicious!




March Meals

Still have no quality time to post something important. All i can do is spoiling your eyes with my March Meals. Enjoy!

Chocolate Fondue & Crepes, Maya La Chocolaterie

French Salad, Le Chocolat

Donuts Date, Dunkin Donuts

Tempura Chige Ramen, Tokyo Belly

Matcha Slushy Chocolate, Matchamu

Green Tea Gelato, Malioboro

Tofu with Peanut Sauce & Traditional Coffee, Indische Koffie Vredeburg

Traditional Sundanese Food, Bandung

Tiramisu Cronut, J Co Donuts & Coffee

Kwe Tiau Penang, Lemongrass Modern Kopitiam

Laksa Singapore, Lemongrass Modern Kopitiam

Tekwan, Pempek Ma’Moer

Pempek Kapal Selam, Pempek Ma’Moer

February’s Food

Recap of February 2015’s Food (sorry for the long delay!). Follow instagram @febylous__ for daily updates!

Croissant Egg Sandwich, Coco’s

Mango Choccolate Mousse, Le Chocolat

Assorted Cupcakes, Lola Cupcakes

Danish Pastry & Cappuccino, New York Coffee

Traditional Indian Brunch, Century

Thai Stir Fried Noodles, Pong Thai

Seafood Tomyam, Pong Thai

Veggie Salad with Gorgonzola, Tony Roma’s

Strawberry Cheesecake, Le Chocolat