Sambosa Problema

Eversince I saw an interesting ad on the magazine about the new Cafe in Seef Area that serves modern Arabic cuisine, I was thrilled to try it. Especially when I saw a big signage on a green building at the parking lot right between Seef Mall and Al Aali Mall. I constantly checked when they were going to open. Weeks passed by and I saw the green building didn’t open any single door. It was annoying and confusing as I followed their twitter account @lumeestreet that they updated their special menu everyday. One day I was curious and just walked around the building thinking that maybe they opened the door from their side and then I felt like the most stupid person on planet earth. The cute green building with big Lumee signage on it that I assumed as the cafe itself was actually an electricity room for I don’t know which mall of the two. That was horribly embarrassing, at least I was the only one who knew that!

I asked somebody that looked like a worker for I don’t know where, I just saw him in electrician bodysuit and ask where Lumee was while pointing at the big signage. He told me that it is actually inside the Al Aali Mall. Duhhh! I was such a foolish. It was lunch time as I arrived to that cute cafe and the seats were pretty much occupied by some young executives as I observed from how they dressed. I had an option to eat outside or inside and then I chose to eat inside, right in front of the cashier counter where they had this comfy couch with cushion.



The restaurant itself wasn’t that big, though. But it was definitely cozy and homy with lemon-ish ambiance as Lumee is apparently the Bahrain slang for lemon. They had outdoor area, not literally, but outside seats in the big hallway of the mall right side by side with Al Bindaira Cafe across the hall. All of the salads, hummus, and dessert were displayed in a very tempting way. They totally brought the new face of Middle Eastern flavour as they said on their page.


A person who I assumed as a manager -because he wore different, casual outfit- came and greeted me friendly. Thank you for that, sir! A waitress came right after in such a hurry mode which I understand that they were really busy and it wasn’t fine dining anyway so I wasn’t expecting to be treated as a Sheikh either. I looked into the menu while also asked for some suggestion. I really wanted to have the full course from appetizer to dessert because I was excited so I ordered Baked Cheese Sambosa for starter, and all today’s special menu for the rest which were Bahraini Machboos; Prawn & Saffron Rice for the main course, Cinnamon Butterscotch Cake for dessert and Karak Tea Lemonade for drink. God I was hungry!


My lemonade obviously came first as it was one hand grab away. They put all the lemonades in cute bottles. It tasted normal. It was good but I wasn’t crazy about it. But then it took quite a few moment for the next course to be delivered. I maybe waited around twenty minutes when the biggest mistake a restaurant could make arrived in front of my face: bringing the main course before the starter. Yes, my rice arrived twenty minutes later without any sambosa before hand. I was confused and asked the waiter who delivered me the food. He wasn’t the one who took my order and he seemed that he wasn’t aware that I ordered sambosa for starter. “I’m so sorry, sir. I will check” as he said. I tried to wait for my sambosa first before I tried the rice but it looked really tempting as the smell flew inside my nose. Alright, one spoon wouldn’t hurt.


At first, I ate the shrimp. Holly crap, it was perfectly juicy. And the second bite I tried the rice. Delicious! It was really good to make me think “fuck eating order, I’m so gonna finish it now” The portion was actually pretty big to be enjoyed by one person if you order other courses. So I suggest you that maybe if you want to have the full course, share the rice with someone else so you will still some rooms left. The colour was yellow and the texture of the rice was just perfect. I finish it in quite a long time actually as it was a pretty big portion. But then it was bugging me that my sambosa still wasn’t coming yet. The grey cardigan manager passed by me and I asked him about my sambosa. He talked to staff and the staff just ran outside the restaurant right after. I didn’t know whether they had outside kitchen or they actually bought the sambosa from other restaurant in the mall but 5 minutes later, my sambosa came, warm and good-smelled.


The 6 pieces sambosa came with a small cup of dipping sauce. My rice wasn’t finished yet but I wanted to try the sambosa first so I put the rice aside for a while. I could tell that they just baked it as it was obviously still hot, maybe they would never bake it if I didn’t constantly ask them lol. The delicious cheese melted in my tongue as I bit it. Heavenly! I tried the second one with the dipping sauce. I didn’t know what it was made of but I liked it better without it. I mean, the sauce wasn’t horrible but I’m just that basic traditional person who prefer any flavour to be original. So yeah, I really enjoyed that late sambosa of mine. I finished the rice right after. How did they taste? Two thumbs up, need I say more? But as they were actually big food, I was full!


I told the manager who really liked to pass by me to change my dessert from cake to Mixed Dates Ice Cream as I was really full. The Ice cream came literally in one minute as they directly scooped it from the display container right in front of me. The ice cream was simply one of the best ice cream I’ve tasted in my life. It had a proper level of sweetness and they put some real date fruit in it that blended perfectly with the ice cream texture. I simply loved it.


As more people came to dine in, I felt bad to sit there any longer eventhough I was too full and lazy to walk. I asked for the bill paid and left the restaurant for about 5 steps when I didn’t know why but I accidentally looked at my bill again that they didn’t remove the cake that I changed for the ice cream. So they still charged me both Cake and Ice Cream. Good thing that I was still in front of the cafe and came back as the manager happened to be in front of me again for the hundredth time because maybe the cafe was just small anyway and told him. He directly fixed it and tell the cashier to pay me back the amount of the cake. He apologized and said something like “I already told her to change your order but she didn’t hear” while pointing to the cashier with a grumpy face to indicate that he was upset with her which I think wasn’t wise enough to blame point finger to someone else in front of the customer as he was the one who took my order. He just needed to apologize which he already did and that would have been enough. Their food was totally recommended but they need to level up the service. I understand that maybe because the time was really busy. So if I may suggest, they should add at at least one more service staff to reduce the chaos or blocking away the guests when they think they won’t be able to handle them anymore. I would choose the first option if I was them.




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