Japanese Food is a Lifestyle!

Japanese is always on one of the top list when it comes to food for everyone, including me. I can eat countless maki without getting full and still do the same thing the next days, I just can’t help it, obsessed to eat.

Thus, in Bahrain it’s no secret that the Japanese are to die for. Including this one restaurant that I visited recently, well honestly mostly that just won the title as Best Japanese Restaurant at the prestigious Time Out Magazine Awards 2014. How delightful does that sound?

Akiko can be counted as new Restaurant that just opened early 2014. Opening their door in the heart of Adliya with a total modern Japanese ambiance combined by their authentic appetizing food, they are totally the definition of the new classic.

The restaurant has 3 areas which are mezzanine bar, main dining areas which also has several parts: smoking, family, sushi and robata counters, and of course the beautiful garden that becomes everyone favourite especially at this time of the year.


Sushi Counter


Upstairs Bar

Accessibility, check. Fabulous ambiance, check. Friendly efficient staff, check. Here comes the most important of them all: food.

Last time I visited Akiko was Saturday night. The restaurant was not that crowded but it was busy, especially in the garden where I wish I could eat there too but had no confidence enough to sit there by myself and chose to sit in front of robata counter, yes, alone.


credit: Time Out Bahrain


credit: Bahrain Ministry of Culture

I was supposed to be on diet but i couldn’t help not to stop by as I was in the area and decided to scream “fuck it, I’m gonna eat Japanese” loudly in my head yet realize that of course I needed to control myself so I just ordered some fingered foods as I thought that I go there many times and just come back anytime to have more foods on my cheating day (don’t tell anyone!)

It was a special tasting food that, a plate consist of Spicy Tuna Roll, California Roll, Crispy Calamari, and Rock Shrimp Tempura. “Another bowl of Rock Shrimp, please” as I told to the friendly server who greeted me since the first time I entered the restaurant as she replied “a moment, sir” with a big smile. I closed the moment with the dreamy all time favourite Ogura Ice Cream. Can’t get enough of that!


The Feast


These made me full but of course I wanted more!


Extra Rock Shrimp, please!


Ogura Ice Cream

Do not ask me about the taste because of course they are heavenly. What I love about Akiko is that their food is totally delicious and their price is completely affordable. You can eat a lot but pay less than in any other Japanese restaurants with the same level in the Kingdom. Besides, i think they also have an advantage of being a new restaurant since maybe most people are bored with the old routines with the old restaurants and they just came at the right time with this WOWing both exterior and interior.

There are also several foods I tried from previous visits:


Akiko Salad


Tekka Maki


Grilled Prawn


Skewer Hammour


Prawn Tempura

For me, this isn’t a review. This is more about sharing my story as review is only for a restaurant that you visit once or twice. Dining is Akiko is a lifestyle. You don’t review your lifestyle, you share it!


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