The Good Boots

Don’t we all just love the new year? Besides the complete money wasting parties, obviuosly not environmentally friendly fireworks, and that new year new me bullshit, here comes that time that social climbers are waiting the most: Winter Sale.

The fact that Winter doesn’t officially end and they put the things on sales for the sake that fashion always goes one step ahead totally give us advantage to shop for things that we actually need. And actually, there are several countries that lie around the equator line and have pretty much the same climate every time of the year and don’t really care about certain accessories because they are totally wearable anytime. In this case, boots.

Winter, spring, summer, or autumn, boots can be fashion ultimatum. This season or next year, wear them anytime you want. Here are 9 picks of febylous boots you can find easily in the worldwide retailers.


Black Biggin Leather Utility Boots – Topman


Combination of Flanel and Blue Suede Boots – Massimo Dutti


Brown Leather Boots – H&M


Brown Leather Buckle Trim Boots – River Island


Brown Leather Work Boots – Topman


Leather Dockside Ankle Boots – Zara


Leather Trekking Boots – Zara


Mathan Boots – Aldo


Settecamini Boots – Aldo

Oh, and yes. We buy clothes on sale and wear last season’s clothes, all the time!


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