First Taste of Spain

Everyone knows that F is obsessed with a lot of thing. But not really many people know that going to Madrid is totally one of them. Yes, I am dying to go to Spain and experience myself its culture, walk on its beautiful pavement with cool Mediterranean architecture around me, and of course taste the food. One can’t go anywhere without having culinary experience.

It obviously might take a little while for me to actually reach the point where I’ll do those things myself but a little warm up won’t hurt much. There comes a time when you can take picture with George Clooney –God knows when– but some people just need to start it with taking the wax version of him at Madame Tussauds. Same logic.

There was this restaurant that just opened in the middle of 2014 which happened to be the very first Spanish Restaurant in Bahrain. On the top of that, it won 2 Awards in the 2 Most prestigious Restaurant Awards in Bahrain in just less than 6 months since their opening. Couldn’t get any better restaurant to be my ‘Madame Tussauds’.

La Vinoteca Barcelona was located just in Adliya as the capital of Bahrain’s high-end culinary area made it much more accessible for young people. It might not be La Vinoteca Madrid but that didn’t mean I lost my excitement, Especially when they had special food tasting at that time for food bloggers and food enthusiasts in Bahrain. That was kinda sweet.



The moment I entered the restaurant, several waiters were gathering at the reception desk. I assumed they were just having a briefing. One of them directly greeted and escorted me to the table. The dining area was spacious, they had quite big capacity with variety of tables and chairs. There was a stair to go upstairs though which I assumed again that it would lead to the upstairs dining area but i didn’t ask.

There was this wonderful wall full of wine displays on the left of the entrance. “Wow” as I snapped a picture and continued walking to my table. A bar that looked kinda empty was right in front of me. A different waitress came to me and explained the menu for the food tasting.




“Take out the chicken and the meatball please, I’m a pescatarian” as I told “And give me a glass of rose wine” I added. The wine came earlier while a big plate of food came not more than 10 minutes later. The waitress re-explained that that night, I was having A Manchengo Cheese Lollipops, Spanish Omelette, Tomato Bread, Patatas Bravas (my favourite!), and Air Dried Tuna with Tomato Tartar & Salmorejo Dressing.




Each of them came in a small yet really appetizing pieces as I was so happy that would be my very first Spanish culinary experience. I started with the cheese lollipop, God, it was really cheesy! And by that, it was literally made by cheese and it tasted sooo good! A waiter passed by and I just randomly said “This is really good!” which I rarely did when I ate in a restaurant. I continued to the next food which might taste quite standard. I mean yeah, we couldn’t expect much from an omelette and tomato bread, but when it came to the patata bravas, Geez, that thing was even better than that cheese lollipop. It tasted little bit spicy and the the sauce they put on it just complimented each other. That was totally the highlight of the plate.

Those food might came in small pieces but once I finished them, I was completely full and had no more room for dessert. I hung out for a while and see around the restaurant. I figured that they also had like a tiny corner for selling wines, spices, bread, and vegetables which were maybe imported from Espana.



I left the restaurant happily satisfied with both food and experience. It was such a shame that I didn’t try the dessert, though. But next time I’ll actually be in Madrid, I already know that I’m gonna have the Patatas Bravas!


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