November Food

Recaps of all my culinary adventure in November 2015.

Strawberry and Chocolate Ice Cream, Prince Salman Bin Khalifa Park

Thai Seafood Feast, Wang Thai

Red Velvet Cake & Vanilla Frappe, New York Coffee

Big round cookie, Hardee’s

Lebanese vegetarian feast, The Coral Bay

Hammour Fillet Sayadiyeh, The Coral Bay

Chocolate Mint Frappe, Caribou Coffee

Tuna Salad & English Breakfast Tea, Costa Coffee

Fruit Platter, The Noodle House

Christmas special, Starbucks Coffee

Appetizer, Kei Japanese Restaurant

Zaru Soba, Key Japanese Restaurant

Caesar Salad, Pizza Company

Danish Chocolate Pastry & Coffee, New York Coffee

Cheese Omelet Platter & Iced Tea, Fuddruckers

Celebrating a best friend’s birthday with Red Velvet, New York Coffee

Tiramisu & Pistachio Cake, New York Coffee

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