F is for Fabulous, not Fool.

Camp Abbey, Charlottetown Photographed by: Frederique Landry

Everytime I face things I’m afraid of, I constantly tell myself:

“Remember, you’re Feby! Remember, you’re Feby!”

As like it means a thing.

As like I’m the best person in the whole World.

But it’s not about pretending to be the best person who have done all great things in the World. It’s about respecting and valuing what I have achieved, and be grateful about it.

I am thankful not because I am lucky. I thank God for being able to earn what I deserve. I fight for them. Every. Single. Time.

So when shit happens again, I’ll just remember that I’m Feby, and then just laugh about it in the future if I’ll think about it again and say: “I told you right, you’re Feby!”

Shit happens, and you can either run from it, or roll around in it screaming: “Is that the best you got, bitch?!”


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