Burberry Boys

Everyone who follow fashion knew that Burberry has been always committed to support the British young musicians. The music itself has a really important role in all of Burberry Fashion Shows. People worldwide are always waiting which music from which artists will they use and BOOM, they will just be famous because of the fashion show. They even have this cool project on youtube which is called Burberry Acoustic. They’re featuring a full song of British indie bands on their youtube channel and their music are totally amazing, the creative director Christopher Bailey really has a brilliant taste of music which is totally in line with the brand itself. Totally Best of British.

Recently, Burberry has stepped up their game by not only playing a recording music in their famous Kensington Gardens, the venue for all fashion shows as their authenticity. They literally bring the musicians themselves to perform live during the Fashion Shows. In our Man (Men in this case) Crush Monday this time, I am introducing you three young musicians that will make yourselves crazy about their style, and of course their musics. Here we go!

1. Tom Odell

Burberry had used his music several times before we were really WOWed by the surprise performance of his in the fashion show. It was the Women’s wear Autumn Winter 2013 collection where it started. The model who opened the show was Fashion’s It-Girl Edie Campbell, followed by bunch of gorgeous models with the amazing collections. The recorded music was playing beautifully in the background until all of a sudden a major change happened when the wall was opened with Tom Odell on the piano and two lines of backing vocal were there played directly of Odell’s hit “Hold Me”. The moment was magical and the room was filled with excited applause. It was totally one of the best Fashion Shows this decade.

2. George Ezra

I fell in love with George Ezra’s music since the first time I heard his Benjamin Twine playing at the beginning of Autumn Winter 2014 collection. But the real time he gave me goosebumps was when he sang live at the beginning of Burberry Celebrates London in Shanghai show. He was performing one of my most favourite songs “Did You Hear The Rain” with his guitar and a really cool visual effect that Burberry created for the show. His strong deep voice blended in perfection as every tones and lyrics came to my heart through my eyes. George Ezra is such a complete package.

3. James Bay

The currently most-talked-about Burberry performer as he just played for the whole Women’s wear Spring Summer 2015 collection last month in London Fashion Week. His signature long hair and fedora hat stole the attention with his pretty face and magical voice since the first time he played his guitar and performed “Clocks Go Forward”. As the show went on, he continued to play my most favourite of his songs “When We Were On Fire” and closed the show with “Scars”. James Bay didn’t have a wikipedia article by the time he performed at Burberry which totally sucked but thank again to Christopher Bailey and Burberry for introducing him to us and made us fell in love right away. He will surely be the next big thing!


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