One afternoon in a park located in Jakarta, I showed my friend a very simple post that I made on facebook. She apparently said that my post was interesting and suggested me to try to blog. At first, I thought that she was kidding but then she said that she was serious. Finally I agreed to start blogging and voila, you are now reading it.

Well, that was actually not the main reason why I start blogging. I’ve always wanted to have a blog since I was in High School. Beside I love sharing ideas so much, I find that it is very interesting when I’m blogwalking and see my friends’ blogs with all of the stories they posted which might influence or even inspire others to do the amazaing things that they did.

I am that kinda person that people called as a never-stop-talking person. I talk so much, even often too much. I love to speak what’s in my mind, find out what people think about anything, discussion and falling in love with debate so much. It was easy that before, when I was still in school that I had a lot of time to talk and share, tried to tell people what I thought or discovering people’s idea was really fun. But now, for some reasons It’s pretty difficult to have times like that. Business and different kind of activities make me barely speak to my friends directly.

For some reasons also I think that this is just the perfect time to start blogging since I realized that communication can happen in any way, including write your idea, post it to internet and people can respond ( which means i’m communicating to more people than just my friends). I’ll be able to speak in the new way that I haven’t really did before. I know that this blogging thing has been started long time ago, many people join already, have fun with it and of course get a lot of benefit of it. Me myself is probably a very late person to start having a blog but I just don’t care. For me, it’s definetely not the matter of trend that I join blogging, it’s just going to be my new way of discussion and debate that I can’t do freely anytime anymore.

For next, I’ll probably write this blog in English or bilingual English-Bahasa Indonesia because I want that all people will understand what I try to tell through what I write. I want to get new friends from other country that I can share my mind with and so the other way around. Also, it’s easier for google translate english into your native language , isn’t it?

Alright, I think that’s more than enough to be the first post of this very simple bog which might not even have any viewer yet. Just wish me luck for keep writing and mantaining this blog because I tend to be less organize when I am in a very situation. See you guys in the next post!


F.B. Dayono